MAGIC Marketplace Show
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Latest News  
Tika Merino to present an expanded tika merino line of fashion apparel
Tokidoki to present its new fashion and lifestyle products
MamaOm to showcase its organic apparel for mom and daughter
Ecoist to launch its a new handbags made from sustainable materials
Josmo Shoes to present its spring '09 collection of shoes for infant
Dan Goodsell and The World of Mr Toast to launch their new t-shirt line
Monkey in a Dryer to showcase its organic T-shirts for kids
See Kai Run to display its new shoes for spring 09
Bony Pony Ranch to launch its new line of western wear
Chewylou Designs to introduce its sleeve T-shirts 'LIVE'
Desert Blue to showcase its new jeans at the MAGIC Show
Squeaky Bow-tique to present its toddler squeakers shoes
SwaddleDesigns to present its baby blankets and layette essentials
Be Seduced to showcase its female fashion collection for 2009
BabyLegs to present its newest family member 'My First BabyLegs'
Gibson Guitar to launch its a new line of apparel at the MAGIC Show
Groove footwear to showcase its new collection for spring 2009
Dickies to capitalize on strengths with new vintage line for 2009
Jet Los Angeles to showcase a complete line of men's casual wear
The MAGIC Marketplace is held in Las Vegas
FOLKMANIS to present various kinds of animal puppets
hairXpression to present its easy Clip-In extension
Little boy green to display its eco rock n' roll clothes for boys
MamaOm to introduce its eco-friendly products and organic clothes
Ecoist to launch its handbag, a new holiday line made from sustainable materials
Tokidoki to present its new fashion and lifestyle products
Green Veranda to showcase its handbag made from recycled newspaper
Fashion Show at MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas-ESPRIT(SCENE III)
Fashion Show at MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas-ESPRIT(SCENE II)
Fashion Show at MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas -ESPRIT(SCENE I)
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