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Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub –Special Feature on Overseas Networking and Marketing Support Project! MIK HOT SPOT online trade fair was held on the 4th!
[Startup to Protect the Earth] KTMnDTM Introduces Brick Molding Technology and Manufacturing Equipment
[Startup to Protect the Earth] Darye Introduces Smart IOT Air Platform 'ARAUM'
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Nuvi Lab introduces AI food scanning technology
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Delis introduces instant solid broth made with natural ingredients
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Anapa Korea introduces bio healthcare wearable products containing microcurrent
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] MOMMYSPOT introduces eco-friendly coating technology using NON-GMO flaxseed oil
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Grine introduces the eco-friendly recycled polyester eco fashion
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] GoodLight developed cardboard box transport tool Boxjobe
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Goonies develops digital art education device Smart Palette
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Emotech develops eco-friendly electric mood lamp for home use
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Polltek Korea Lab launches eco-friendly Polltek Mask last May
[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] By Paper to enter the US market with eco-friendly paper cat tower Catssle in January
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