KES 2007
Mobile  Cellphone(4)   MP3P(4)   Digital Camcorder(2)   Misc.(2)   Electronic Dictionary(1)   Navigation(1)   Display(1)   Digital Camera(1)  
Computing  Monitor(6)   Notebook(5)   Peripheral (2)   Misc.(1)   Printer(1)   Security(1)   Desktop(1)  
Home Appliances  Large Kitchen(1)   Households(1)  
Motors  Accessory(2)  
AV/PA  TV(6)   Misc.(4)   HD-DVD/Blu-ray(3)  
SAMSUNG(8)|LG(3)|CASE LOGIC(2)|Haier(2)|BenQ(1)|eyemax(1)|IDS(1)|Magic Float(1)|NIDS(1)|SONY(1)|
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(219)    English(50)    Chinese(Simplified)(11)    Japanese(6)    French(1)    Russian(1)    Spanish(1)  
Latest News  
Samsung to demonstrate its new multimedia speaker 'Chic & Smart'
Haier to present its high performance 14.1-inch laptop
Sony to present a new concept of 17-inch board pc
[Good Design] BenQ's 24-inch premium LCD monitor
Samsung to unveil its 3G HSDPA phone featuring dual cameras
LG to present its 30-inch wide monitor 'W3000H'
A computer monitor stand 'Magic Float' attachable to partition
Samsung to display its 1.8-inch 64GB SSD
A portable SD type DVR supporting up to 4 cameras
LG's19-inch high-end monitor featuring 5000:1 contrast ratio
A pen-type wireless writing mouse 'ink on' for IPTV
A 19-inch parallax barrier type autostereoscopic display
Knapsack-type notebook pc bag to reduce a burden
Samsung printer 'Swan' designed for premium office
CASE LOGIC to present its reversible pouch for 13-inch laptop
Haier's high-performance notebook pc 'Transformer'
LG to present its Rev. A handset supporting T-DMB and video call
Samsung notebook pc 'Sense X22' adopting ATI Radeon HD 2400
Samsung to unveil its 24-,30-inch LED-backlit LCD monitors
Samsung to present Giorgio Armani-Samsung mobile phone during KES 2007
Samsung to unveil its premium music phone 'Serenata'

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