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[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] Safeon introduced accident-preventing smart safety swing system
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] Purium draws attention to its entrance-type fine dust reduction solution
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] PEC introduces mobile emergency exhaust technology for chemical leakage
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] ESCA showcases CCTV that takes videos in fog
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] EXA E&C's 5G-based leakage detection system
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] Daeyoung S&S introduces high brightness-featured safety suit
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] Gyeongbuk Technopark emphasizes safety industry to "make society where kids can live safely"
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO Video] Kukje Safety introduces electric/manual safety line
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO VIDEO] Hancom Lifecare's air breathing device with communication feature SCA 10
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Cybarrier to introduce Prospike, an innovative escape vehicle stopping system
[2019 K-SAFETY EXPO VIDEO] Sees Global announces premium firefighting gloves
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Purium to introduce life air appliances to prevent fine dust
[K-SAFETY EXPO 2019] Gore Pyrad Arc Protective Suit knows no compromise when it comes to weight and protection
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Das to introduce 3D displacement meter for safety management of ground and structure
[K-SAFETY EXPO 2019] KEPCO establishes safe working environment with power distribution underground equipment disaster prevention facility
The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo opened on Sep. 25
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Safety gear and lifeline to protect the workers from falling
[K-Safety 2019] Sees Global to introduce premium firefighting water and fireproof gloves
[K-Safety 2019] Hancom Lifecare showcases various high-quality safety equipment
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] PEC to introduce mobile emergency exhaust technology for handling chemical accidents
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] EXA E&C introduces IoT-based leakage detection system
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] ESCA to introduce low visibility video improvement camera (ENDP-53630RSAL) with disaster safety certification
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Safeon to introduce fall prevention protective suit and upgraded smart safety swing system
[K-Safety 2019 Preview] Gore Korea to showcase Gore Pyrad Arc Protective Suit
The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo begins in September

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