Fashion Item! not a cell-phone accessory
[ Clare Jang 2011-11-30 ]  

According to KT research institute for economics & business administration, smart device accessories market will hit one trillion.

Smart phone accessory market has rapidly grown, because it got settled as a kind of user's characterful style item not just accessory.

Gyu-ung Han, representative of GetM( prestige mobile accessories company, said "Cell-phone case was just for protection before, but now it's a kind of fashion item to express their own identity."

(Picture:Hit model, I-pad, I phone case 'Iroo' selling about 6~7 thousands  every month, it's a product with luxe materials and stylish design but reasonable price)

(Picture: GetM's slim type 'Iroo' for Glaxy S2 leather case)

In case of VIVBYH series, it comes to the spotlight with successful result by focusing on fashion market.

It tried to enter fashion shop, not IT shop, as a result of this they have been entered American multiple fashion shop 'Urban Outfitters'

'Urban Outfitters' is a large shopping mall that has 162 shops all over the world alike department.

(Picture: Hard case VISBYH Slender with Stockholm sens for  Galaxy 2)

(Picture: I-phone cases of VISBYH are displayed at America multiple fashion shop 'Urban Outfitters''s west wood  branch)

VISBYH's overseas marketing division said "It was a excellent choice to choose fashion mall not a IT mall" and said "We are expanding successful sales network to fashion mall, and we already entered 'Flow', imported clothes shop in Cheongdam-dong."

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